Just A Quick Update

I just came home from my university and brought my IQ test result which I took last week. I admit that I'm not good with abstract reasoning but I'm better in mental ability. Wahaha! As I walk alone through the aisle of lover's lane, would it be better if I post some photos of my school before I left it after 5 years? Well, will work on that some other time, been busy for so many stuffs like training and incomplete grades, feasibility studies.  .

To break the ice , let me show everyone this cool photos I took yesterday. Can you figure that out? I'd love to hear what you think about the shape of the clouds. Leave a comment on the comment section.

PS. Hey! I got those cute kawaii emoticons from Sushi!


  1. I want to know my IQ as well. As for the photos... I see a rat-ferret-like animal looking sideways/behind. HAHA! I see other images the more I look at it.

  2. it's love! i mean, heart shape... :D i love the clouds... so pretty. i wanna cry... and... i'm not that good, seriously there are lots of peeps who are better than me, i'm just an amateur. but thanks for the compliment dear. urs is good too! :D

  3. It's been a while since the last time I took IQ test. I wonder if I'll do well if ever. I think the cloud's in a heart shape?? Not sure though. Hehe!! Love the cute emoticons! :3

  4. yep... i use photoshop. :D i don't use action, i just adjust the saturation, color balance.. all the features i had in PS3.

    but the last two photo, which pretty looks like an instagram effect. erm yep... i use instagram action which i downloaded from devianart. :D

    and the more i look into the picture to more it looks like something like genie? and yep.. it does looks like superman flying? lol... :D

  5. lol i spammed in ur comment section. sorry :P and about ps, i did a lot of experiment, in the past few years. i was so addicted to ps back then, because i wanted to learn on how to fully utilize it. haha.. :D

    i do think about superman logo, but since i cant really see S, i discard it. lol. i'm so schema. :P

  6. hehe. :D if it is about the logo, then i would agree with u :D yep u did... u r a supergirl i guess :P since u notice the cloud as superman. heeee...

    yep. ps is still the best... i'm using cs3 also, my laptop can only handle cs3. i just grabbed my dinner... so full... omg..


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