Tagaytay Escapade + Tagaytay Highlands

I started the day with this yummy TJ (Tender Juicy) sandwich from 7-Eleven, being late is the reason why I had this breakfast at the stop near the University.

Seven in the morning, me and my classmates headed our way to Tagaytay for their medical examinations, and ofcourse, I joined them so I can pass my resume to some hotels and clubs within the vicinity. It took almost 2 hours before we reached the place. My chums had their examinations by the time we reached the clinic and we decided to take our lunch at McDonald's.

The cheapest food we can avail was Chicken Fillet with rice and a glass of soda for Php50, a student meal.

And a pool of french fries and a serving of hot fudge sundae. I don't like too much chocolate on my dessert cause it was too sweet so I beg my other classmate to exchange with his.

We're 10 in all, (from left to right) Francis, Me, Onah, Jane, Princess, Joan, Jandhi, Azielle, Jeff and Ate Tin.

After lunch, our group roamed to look for a house, a house which 12 people will fit into. The landmarks were, in front of Taal Lake and near Crosswinds Tagaytay.

This two are fail jumpshot. Haha. We found a boarding house with two rooms and  a wide sala costing Php5, 000 a month (water and electricity are inclusive). It's a bit odd and dirty but we'll be exerting a lot of energy to make it more look like a real house. Some of my mates will bring curtains, rags, and even TV, they can't live without it. We really love the weather in that place cause it feels like Baguio. I must get my sweaters and jackets ready cause it will be really cold up there. It has a cooler climate provided by its high altitude.

Then, we dropped by Tagaytay Highlands, one of exclusive, for-members-only, recreational and residential complex located southeast of Mount Sungay. I didn't took too much photos, it rained after an hour so we decided to stay at our van.

I will take pictures sometime when we started our training here at Highlands. I'm a bit excited. I mean, no, I'm soooooo excited! I'll be living independently! Yuhoo! And that makes me a bit scared.


  1. oh mai gawwwd... the sandwich... sooo mouth watering... hahaha.. and seriously the view there was so beautiful. loveeeeee it. :D btw... thanks for d compliment, hee... i'm not that pro. i change my layout whenever i have time. i mean, during my break. :D

  2. was here :) you've got nice blog :)

  3. Now I'm craving for fries!!! LOL. Cool photos! xoxo

  4. its been a long time staying here at US..nakalimutan ko na kung paano pumunta dyan simula LIPA to TAGAYTAY


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