New Template + Sour Tape Candies

To go with the flow, I decided to revamp my template just like what Kristen and Fiffy did to their blogs. Yes, I know I'm not a pro when it comes to coding, but still, I'm happy with what my blog has turned out. It's not as complicated as what others will expect cause I just turned everything from colorful to white (neater?) and orange-ish pink/pinkish orange (Don't have to tell me that there's no such words :P ).

Another thing is, I am now open to banner exchange. Yey!

Here's one of my sample banner, and will be making more soon so other bloggers have choices.

One of my guilty pleasures is munching sour tape candies whenever I visited the mall. Sadly, they only has 3 flavors of tapes which are apple, cherry and grape.

Foods are not toys, but some find them cute and tempted to play with them. I'm not a kid anymore, but playing with these cute candies is stress relieving. I don't recommend to do this silly stuffs with foods, but it's a must try!

Simple Braided

Intricate Mat

Hey! I produced a rose bud! :P


  1. omggggg they look so delicious and cute :D how do they taste like?

  2. I love the header and the hover effect ;)
    Sour tape candies ♥

  3. I love sour tape candies! I remember buying a lot whenever I see a candy shop that sells one. Yummm... :L

  4. wow! :O u r creative.. we don't have that here. i might not realize about the existence, since i'm not a fan of sweets or candies.. :P but u r creative, able to play with the sour tape candies. and... they looks so cute. give me some! i wanna try! haha..

  5. I super like your new layout, Lady Myx! <33 You know, a lot of bloggers are changing their layout a well that' why I was also tempted to do so. xD And those candies are really cute! I never heard about it before but I want to try it sometime. You braided it prettily! :3

  6. hi lady myx.. lot of gurly things here. still i love reading your post hahaha anyway "mukang masarap yung sour tape candies: hahaha


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