Tik-tilaok Chicken Isaw and Siomai

I hate how our Feasibility Study stresses me. I've been exhausted for almost a week. And what's worse is that I have no time to post food trips cause I blog about vanity and lameness. Well, to break the ice, here's a short food post for tonight.

I'm a certified lover of siomais , so I went to try this chicken siomai at a newly opened stall at Bay City Mall Batangas. There were a lot of stalls here before, but after months, other just vanished cause they didn't meet there target. We tried (me and my sister) isaw and siomai. Just like the breaded isaw (beside the kwek-kwekan) sold beside our school (haven't tried that, and I will never will), this tastes just the same perhaps, but this is much cleaner, I guess, the store absolutely has a sanitary permit and other certificates so they can operate.

Php25 per 4 sticks of isaw and the same price with 4 pieces of chix siomai and Php35 accompanied with a serving of steamed rice. Next time, I'll go try for the rest of their products, Chicken burger and chicken balls. Their vinegar mixture is perfect for their products, well palpably, not with the burger. Before I forgot, there were 2 tables and some chairs for the customers so they wouldn't stand while munching there favorite Tik-tilaok products.


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