October Haul

Thanks to SM 3-Day Sale, we're able to buy some stuffs in discounted prices. I wouldn't be able to complete or have even any one on my wishlist this month cause things costs too much. But that doesn't matter anyways, just love the stuffs I receive endlessly (love? LOL).

Me and my sister visited the mall (10am). This photos are taken inside a tricycle on our way to Bolbok, Batangas.

So for the first two items, here's Mom's new wedges from Chelsea. She loves wedges, she got a lot from Otto and Celine. Two-inch high wedges are so comfy for Mom since she has to stand, walk around her classroom the whole day. Mom is a wedge user even before wedges in different styles went on trend.

Next are bags from Heartstring, Secossana and Belladonna.

I believe that Hearstring's bag is one of the cheapest, toughest and most durable bags in the Philippines. My previous bags from Heartstrings were still serviceable. I had them when I was still in highschool. They were made of fabrics back then but they innovated it now into nylon-type fabric or whatsoevah, don't know what it's called, but I guess I heard that from the girl at the mall when I showed my old bag to her, she nodded that bag's old materials are better than what it is today. I guess all of the teens out there have their Heartstring bags, if I'm not mistaken.

Then, here's Secosana leather bag. Mom is a fan of this brand, yes, this one's for oldies. But still they're fashionable and durable. It's somewhat heavy, you can see from the photo that it can stand alone.

And the third one is Belladonna floral bag. This is my very first Belladonna bag so I'm hoping that I will not regret buying this one. The design attracted me so when I first saw it, I never let it go.

Didn't you noticed that all of the bags were standing and have this hanger where you can place a long strap and turn them into shoulder bags? :)

And lastly, this cute pink heart backpack. It is just a simple backpack, and can be customize and personalize it, yeah, that was it's purpose. :)

Here's my new wedge pumps from Rusty Lopez, and here's the link. It doesn't actually cost that much, it was discounted.

A pair of black Banana Peel Flip-Flop, one of favorite flip-flop brands. All honestly, I never had any Havaianas'. You can view some of similar products here, I just love this, ROCK ON! But I like that blue one (Keep Calm and Travel On) too.

And lastly, yes, atlast, sorry for the photo spam, lastly, this MKNY sneakers. Don't ask me what's the meaning of MKNY, cause what I only knew was DKNY which is Donna Karan New York. Just love this pair, super comfy and and fits on me well. Will definitely use this when I visit the gym. :)

Well, it fits on me, see? :)

That's it! I blogged so much tonight. Haha. Adios!

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  1. You and your sissy look like twins! Pretty la~~^^

    I own a Heartstring bag too! I used to use it last year but I gave it to my little who needed it more because of heavy textbooks and number of notebooks. Now I am just my Rilakkuma bag to college. Lol

    I love the bags you bought especially Belladonna. Pretty pretty pretty! :3


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