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I apologize for having a short hiatus (it's a week of sleepless nights and starved tummy). It's a pretty long story, but to make it short, we changed our topic in Feasibility Study. () Yes, we were already done with Chapters 1-3 then back again to zero, and from scratch, we finished chapter 2 this morning. My groupmate haven't received any mails from our FS adviser yet, hence she haven't done checking our new paper. Well, milk tea's our second choice after travel agency. See the difference? Much more complicated for the first one, we don't have any idea on how to price the business' services like tours and ticketing, passporting, etc .

Since our new topic now is about Milk Tea , this is an unrelated post. Haha. This afternoon, me and my sister decided to visit SM City Batangas to purchase some mangosteen, our main ingredient in our special Miam Milk Tea. But what we did there was not even listed in our plan. There were a lot of teachers roaming around since today is World Teacher's Day. I'm glad to tell you that Mom is one of the hard-working teachers of special education who helps hearing impaired students in Batangas. There were only 4 teachers for this peculiar students. She's been teaching for almost 21 years, but only 2 years in HI class, she learned sign language so fast that even she has inflexible hands, she still manages to communicate with her students.

So me and sister had a mini siesta over our favorite Doughnut store here in Batangas, Mister Donut (there's no J.CO Donuts or Krispy Kreme here yet).

Suppose to be, I'll go for something with White Choco on top or a Cookies and Cream Twirl, but they has already run out of it so I got this Cinnamon Swirl (dunno the real name). Cinnamon breads are my favorite next to chocolate.

We had Funimals (a panda for me and a pig for my sister. Haha!) too. I so love this cause ti's a classic bavarian doughnut top with cute animals design.

What I love about Mister Donut is that they always have freshly made pastries (very economical) for their customers, and they never fail their customers about their newly introduced products.

PS. Bought a new pair of wedge from Rusty Lopez. Will blog that next time :)

Me @ Mendrez


  1. That cinnamon roll looks amazing. And so do those donuts! So cute.

    <3 Melissa

  2. i love mister donut! i wish they had it in the states!



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