Major Major Foam Tags for Everone

Just finished working with Angel and Reishel's ordered tags. Me and my bestfriend named it Majfags (Major Major Foam Tags) cause they're made out of colored foam slices. These foam tags are perfect for bags, doors, lockers, notebooks and books, computer laptops, Ipad/Tablet cases and anywhere you want. All of these are handmade by me. Well, I love making arts, but time limits me to do so. Cooking is the least in line. Haha! No! I'm not an HRM student, I'm with arts and crafts. LOL!

It's almost hundreds of tags I made last month, and I'm thankful there's still 5 or 6 to 10 orders for today. I only sell tags to those who live within the vicinity of Batangas. Free tags for my friends and relatives but there's always pay-back time. Haha!

PS. Here are the buttons I made for Ohpenda.

Hope you'll like them :D


  1. oh my gosh! FAINTS!
    I haven't seen it yet.
    wooooow ~ thanks so much! <3
    they're wonderful ~ Wonderful!
    will use them and definitely credit ~
    Mustaches FTW!
    nice MAJFAGS btw, too bad you only sell in the batangas area HUHUHU. anywho, goodluck with the business ~
    thanks again ! <3

  2. Cool itong nagawa ninyo. :-) Pwedeng maging simula ng major business. Hopefully mag-expand kayo. Sakupin n'yo na din pati Laguna. :-)

    Thanks pala sa pagbisita at pagkumento sa aking blog.

  3. oh. those tags are so adorable. naaaaaa. you should sell sell it nationwide sis. open an online shop... i want to orderrrrr eh. :))n hahahaha.

  4. wow really cute. Its perfect for gifts on christmas

  5. oooh I love your products! how much do they cost?

    btw, it works on CS3. there's a tutorial on how to install the curve preset on the "help" button of my shop. :)

  6. The majfags are really cute! You should sell them nationwide because I think many will definitely order! :)

    And the button you made were really cute! :3

  7. Oh wow, this is really cute! :D

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  8. i love ur products, they are cute! like super cute! and.. ugh.. i hate it. and i can't accept the way they are. and she lost my trust, i can't never accept her as my best friend anymore. like seriously, a best friend? make use of me? not talking to me when there is no one there? 2 faced bitch. pfft! =_=' lol. so emotional. hahaha

  9. Cuuuute stuff! :> There's "TRISHA" :) I want that =))

  10. Those "majtags" are so cute. I want one but you only sell that to those who live within Batangas. :/ I wish you would sell them nationwide.


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