Letter of Appreciation

Thanks everyone for the compliments I got from my previous post. Sadly, I can't make it grow bigger and bigger since I'm still busy with my school works and it consume a lot of time cutting and sticking foams together. But in the near future, I guess I would listen to everyone's advice.

There was a Tamiya Race in front of Nuciti Batangas last Sunday, a lot of tamiyas were in line for judgement, there were pink and Hello Kitty Tamiyas, but I haven't seen a kawaii one other than that. The last time Tamiya's on trend was when I'm just a little kid. My brother has one and some parts of it are so small and got lost.

We grabbed some cold stuffs to ease the hot weather, so I got this Korean Icecreams here. Yomamte, strawberry flavored frozen yougurt, and Power Cap Soda (Bubble Gum flavor) and a pair of Cornetto Black and White, I guess these are new.

Sadly, we're not yet done with our FS, but the good thing is, we had the highest point in out mock defense last week, well, sleepless nights are worth it. From this Mangosteen fruit (Php200/kilo), we're going to make a tea base for our milk tea. This fruit definitely taste like santol and atis and some of guyabano, in case you guys know that fruits.

We're on the revision of Chapter 1 and working on our Chapter 3. Wanna see our proposed logo? It's something like this, but we're still not done with its editing.

And I have here some of the photos I've taken last week.

Awesome Effect and Background (used on both img are from Colors and Wishes)

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  1. Very cute ng logo! I'm sure maganda ang kalalabasan pag natapos na yan!


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