Cafe Milflores; The Second Time Around (CLOSED)

Special thanks to my HS classmates Amy and Aries, they're the reason why I got the guts to visit this cafe again. ^_^ Click here to see my first post about the cafe.

So here's Ayeth (my fourth year highschool seatmate) and Amy (my highschool best bud), and of course, the last girl with blue hanky was me!

Last time, we tried Dark Chocolate and Blueberry ice creams, and now, *drum rolls*, (clockwise from left) cheese, avocado, orange chocolate and caramel! They're all homemade!

To accompany our cold treats, Aries bought these cookies and brownies! :) Sorry I forgot what they call these 3 1/2" cookies. -_- Brownies at the right were Walnut Brownies. ^_^

Sorry to say this, they've got great ice creams but not with the pastries. Cookies were so hard and lack of flavor, like it's super dry and blot. We have no choice but finish every bit of it. Aries paid and we don't wanna disappoint him.

Avocado ice cream is best with a slice of walnut cookie! Favorite combination!

Still, we enjoyed the time we spent inside the cute cafe. Amy has so much to talk about, too many jokes to burst and stories to tell.

Cookie: Php35/USD0.86
Walnut Brownie: Php35/USD0.86
Ice cream: Php55/USD1.35


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