My Graduation Wishlist

My graduation day is fast approaching! Even though others are now enjoying their breaks and vacation, I'm still here waiting for our graduation right, which will be unofficially on April 23.

And for this, even though I didn't studied my lessons well, I was included in our Dean's List, which in my case, no one's ever so concern about it. If ever you didn't know what does it mean, I am not in the mood to explain everything. -_- Will you in your sense be systematic if everyone's around you don't appreciate all your endeavors and hard works?

Ok, too much with my nonsense rants. Below are the stuffs I wanna have with regards to my graduation, just like other average juveniles out there.

1. Leigh Lezark hair
Her's just like my sister's previous. There's so much personalities which can found in the net but Leigh's was my pick. It does appealed to me cause she looks so mysterious and of course, I love her eyes, totally glowing in simplicity. But I only like her hair. :P

2. Braces
Four (4) years ago, Tatay (Dad) promised me I'll have braces and he'll make it up to me. I've been to conscious about my front teeth gap which destroys and obliviates my self esteem every time people look at them while we're talking. Totally frustrating. -_- I don't care if I'll look like Betty La Fea or Betty The Ugly (in English) as long as I have beautifully aligned teeth.

3. Black Floral Satchel Bag
'Tis my choice! Lovely isn't it? ^_^

4. Vans Canvas Authentic Lo Pro or Canvas Authentic Slim
Been dreaming to have a pair of Vans Sneaker mainly for KH construction volunteering. :) Cause I only have a pair of MKNY rubber shoes since last last year. Poor me. :(

5. New smart phone or the cheapest iPhone or iPod
I'd love to have any android phone with lots of apps which I can use for blogging, or any iOS gadget.

So that's my TOP 5 pick. Hoping to have them for real. *cat eyes*

I'd love to hear what's your graduation wish for me! Just leave a comment together with your link so I can thank you and visit you back. Well then, adios!


  1. wow, ang tagal pa pala bago ng graduation niyo sis. and congrats sayo kasi kasama ka sa dean's list! I hope you can get everything that you want!

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  3. congrats dear!! :)) parehas tayo, i have ugly teeth too. pero yung akin, hindi gap, it's the other way. parang magkapatong :( kainis. haha. sometimes, nahihiya din talaga ako.

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire

  4. you should try it :) the molten cake! its very very very yummy !!

    btw there are lot of cute bags at :)

  5. congrats on your graduation! graduation wish ko for you? a more blooming love life. hahaha! :) Augh, I need a new phone too.

  6. Congratulations Myx :))

    Ang sipag mo talaga. I know, this is the second time you'll be graduating from college hehe.



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