Chitchat with LDR

It's been a year or two since we last talked. I can still remember when we watched movies before, he loves movies, we laughed so hard to a horror movie and talked too much while viewing a scifi. Tsk, how can I forget it, that's my first time to watch 3D and 4D, then, it never happened again, it was my first and last.

Gab and Me after watching movies, in line at KFC to have some zinger.

Here he is (I mean, yesterday [?] ), still handsome but more masculine now, just have told me he's on some sessions at the gym near their place.

Currently eating sushi at Sushi Hut, a Japanese Restaurant in Brandon yesterday when we had a little convo. Yum yum to the foods!

Together with her pretty sister Dyan.

There's so much to talk about yet time won't allow us. It's midnight and they need to take some rest.

Oh wait, did I already stated that LDR on my title means Long Distance Relatives? I don't want anyone to be mistaken. But this guy in the photo is my closest cousin residing in Canada. :)


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