Pre-Graduation Celebration

Okay, sorry if the first photo doesn't look so appetizing. For some reason, I forgot to take quality snaps before eating. Why? It's my excitement to eat at the only Shakey's Pizza in Batangas. Please don't laugh cause 'tis my very first time to visit the resto. So this isn't a zany secret anymore. -_- Then now, I'm speechless.

This was my Monster Spaghetti Meatball (Php172).

Shakey's Hi Protein Supreme Pizza (Php206)

And my dessert, Vanilla Sundae (Php66).

Thanks to this pretty lady who took me there the day before yesterday. RD, her initials which happened to be her appellation but I prefer calling her Tiray (shortened for Ate Rhaissa) than Ate RD. She's a sister and a close friend of mine for four (4) long years. This girl really loves to eat and invites me to munch every time we meet, as always.

She doesn't love photos of herself as much as I do, so I decided to stole some for my album. ^_^

We are planning to meet again next month to celebrate what needs to be celebrated, my graduation day! :) That's all! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. saraaaappp :D

  2. Great pictures! food looks great and congratulations!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  3. nakakagutom, ... fasting mode karamihan ngayon... you are distracting them..haha, anyways, i wasn't lucky about the firmoo free eyeglasses... thank you anyway for posting that.

  4. @ate karen, haha, sorry for them, naka-queue na po kasi tong post na to :P

  5. you really rock!
    love your blog, so you'll have me here again :)

    hope youll follow back <3

  6. The spaghetti looks delicious * o * and congrats on graduating soon!

  7. oooh. I love shakey's! You should have tried their mojos! Nice pictures by the way. What camera are you using?

    1. there's too much to try on shakey's, I guess I'll have that next time :) that's potatoes right? in this post, I'm using my Mom's Samsung L100, but in others, my Casio Exilim EX-S10 :)

    2. yep. mojos are potatoes. :) It goes with chicken ata sa menu nila. We usually order a chicken basket with mojos as a family tapos rice. :)

      I see you're doing well in post-processing your pictures. :)

    3. did I? that's cool! :) im dreaming owning a dslr/cybershot but can't afford that over-priced cam, my brother taught me how to add contrast and edit exposure to enhance my photos, it did worked out! :)


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