Tutorial: How to Add Read More to a Blogger Post

Do you have a lot of stories to tell? Or photos to show? And you're confuse if you'll include your no ordinary shots to your post cause you're thinking that it will only spam your precious blog? Worry no more! Haha! Sorry guys, I really don't know how to start a tutorial for bloggers. The truth is, I don't have ample wisdom about the internet, I'm just a frustrated food blogger here, but since someone's asking for this, here's a simple didactic method on how to add READ MORE to your blog post.

1. Write a blog post ofcourse. ^_^

2. In your blog post, leave your insertion point to the part where you want to cut your story. Insertion point is the blinking vertical line which tells where you are. Like if you click in the middle of the sentence, there leaves a blinking line.

3. Look for insert jump break icon on your blog editor.

Obviously, it is located right after the insert a video icon. Click it. Then something like this will appear.

This jump break icon is only shown in Compose or Rich text mode in blogger.

Actually, the simplest way is to add (for HTML mode) on the part you wanna cut your post short. Automatically, READ MORE will appear on your published post.

And you're done :) So, that's it! Hope this help. Haha!

PS. We're done with our defense yesterday, just need to revise some of the financial statement then we're done! :)


  1. thank you naman for sharing this... bago pa rin ako sa blogging eh... hehehe

  2. thank you... will inform you with my new blog... hindi ako tumuloy sa weebly.

  3. Haha, this took me FOREVER to figure out - and I felt so stupid when I did!


  4. thank you dito sis! very helpful! ang hilig ko pa naman mag post ng ubod ng haba...

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