I've Been Lured: Milk Teas

If I should die before I wake, the least that I could ever say
I made mistakes but held on to my faith

Currently, ready to drink tea and milk teas are increasingly securing a position as an alternative to carbonated soft drinks. In the Philippines, milk tea is the new Starbucks. This tropical country is now learning how to enjoy cold drinks versus the traditional hot coffee drinks and this becomes the opening ground for increasing number of milk tea carts. Six of them were located in my place, namely, Happy Leaf, Zentea, Wintermelon Milk Tea, TeaTalk, and the most recently opened stalls were Ochado and Desteany.

Well obviously, nothing beats Ochado's price compared to others. Php90 per 16oz of this, sinkers not included. It uses hot tea as base and powders as flavorings. all honesty, it isn't my type.

Desteany, I guess it's fresh in the industry. Will you believe that their milk teas cost for only Php35? That's pretty surprising but yes, so cheap! Tea powder with flavorings (powder here, powder there, powder everywhere!) are their ingredients. Hey, who would love to drink such with unauthentic stuffs and others on it? -_- Okay, let's cut it here.

That's it! More to blog about soon! :) Stay tuned~ Piong piong!

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