iWhite Korea Nose Pack

I first read about this whiteheads/blackheads remover on Ile's blog and realized that it isn't time to retard. I have visited my Mom's derma once (that was 5 years ago) and it really hurts using that blackhead tool on my nose, which made me burst into tears (made me not to visit her again). I then bought a sachet of this remover since it's available at ZaZa and other stores like Watson's for a very cheap price. A sachet (3.5g) will cost you Php18 or USD0.44.

It is capable of removing white/blackheads, eliminating deep-seated dirt and other impurities and minimizing pores and excess oils. I've seen myself how effective it was plus it's skin friendly.

Sorry if I can't do reviews cause I'm not into beauty products due to my skin's hypersensitivity disorder.

And to try other iWhite products, I joined these giveaways!

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  1. Hola!!

    No conocíamos el producto!:)

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  3. makasali nga..

    napadaan ka sa aking kuta. salamat!

  4. wow ha hehe.. hmmm nakakahiya ba kung sasabihin kong nagamit ako netong i white nose pack every other day? hehe sheeets ^_^

    sabi ng friend ko effective din daw yung sa sa itlog : ) tsaka toothpaste din daw, pero diko pa nattry yung mga yun.

    napa tumbling lang!

  5. been trying that kind of product too. hahaha... now using herbalife skincare.

    Re: try to make u one? like do a doodle for ur name? i can give it a try. but i confident that... urs is better.. but sure. i'll try. but on what name should i do?

  6. weee... kailangan ko ba yan?

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  9. Maganda ba sya talaga? Gusto ko din bumili. Haha.

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  12. I see you really bought one! Nakak.trauma nga ung derma. pero it's like what they said, beauty is pain. :)


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