Night in Disguise - Graduation Ball

Oh, this is how it starts, lightning strikes the heart
It goes off like a gun, brighter than the sun

Tangled, in my thorned cage. Our thesis became more complicated. Its a hell of a process but it is worth the effort. After those sleepless nights, we're done. One of the best days of college life which make people nuts, and many of us are too obvious proofs.

Got my practicum report book this afternoon. Grammar really sucks, well, nothing changed actually -_- . I can't even stare too long. Our thesis grammarian once told me that he doesn't wanna engage with blogging. This cyber world is breaking the language rules. Yes of course that's not true. It's some kinda harsh, but I can't blame him.

To break the ice, here's some of my shots from our Graduation Ball at Marina Batangas Branch last March 2. This is why I got so busy before, I can't even tweet.

Here, I'm in a ruby red cocktail dress with long back, I rented for only Php600. Hihi. And my DIY Violet Matte nail paints!

Ti's my (first time) second time going to a grad ball, and this time, it's the happiest! For dinner, steamed rice, my fave cordon bleu, beef steak, mash potato and strips of fish fillet. I'd love to try seafood pasta and oysters but I'm afraid about my allergy in seafood.

Next are wacky shots with and Ate Glad (top left) and Reren (top right and bottom) I stole from Reren's Xperia tab.

And some of my classmates and boardmates last year. :)

Credits to my classmates, the owner of other pics without watermark.

And that's it! I can feel graduation day is approaching! Yahoo!


  1. wow! you just got graduated pala...

    i moved here

  2. @ate karen, not yet po :) sa april pa po ata yung graduation namin, april 23. huhu, tagal pa.

  3. you look gorgeous! and the event looked fun. also, thank you for commenting on my blog.


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  5. woww. apakaganda naman po pala talaga! ❤.❤

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