EverBilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine #704

Hola amigos/amigas! While everyone's going crazy about that game called 4 Pics 1 Word and gwiyomi, here's your trying-hard product reviewer to show you some featured beauty products for today! I just wanna share with you guys the shade of the lipstick I'm wearing every time I go out. Here's one of my Mom's favorite and mine too, cause it's not harmful since I have a delicate skin which I mentioned before.

I'm currently using EB (Ever Bilena) cosmetics like EB BB cream (top left), EB Eyeshadows (top right) and EB stick foundation (bottom). After reading some reviews on my reliable beauty blogger friends  blogs, I'm convinced that it's better to use BB cream than stick foundations. Everything's EB! Yay!

Images from EB

Since I'm too tight about how much I spend cause it's no college life and I don't have allowance anymore and oh I can't accept this fact, it'll be better if I spend less and be thrifty. This product just cost Php75 (USD1.84) and you don't have to worry about its availability, this can be found at any beauty shops and stores. So let's now proceed to the beautiful red shade of EverBilena Lip Colour Xtreme Shine #704. (toinks! I could have been better -_-)


Applied once

Shade-to-shade swatches

#704 is a semi-deep red shade lipstick, the second shade (still EB) was used in my grad ball posted here,  as it was ruby red which suited my red dress and the last one, a matte pink Sophie Lipstick I bought last year.

So there you go. This post is a feature not a review, but somehow, in some cases, it does. Confusing perhaps yet please do not misunderstood. Tehe!

Which shade do you prefer? I'd love to hear from you! Adios!

*All photos were taken without flash on auto settings.


  1. I have summer pink but I've somehow forgotten about it. poor lippie.. EB #704 looks like it can create a nice contrast against yellow-toned skin.

  2. I like the summer pink shade! I'll give these lipsticks a try :D


  3. thanks for sharing! :)


  4. want to try all pinkmshades out there in the market.


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