A Day of Poop

I brought the camera with me this morning, expecting that there'll be something unusual will happen to me today, just like other bloggers who wants to have a scoop about something. We had our final meeting about the competition this morning , talked to my coach and tried to grab some tips on how to write a winning piece, but what she told me shocked me and the whole team. If I didn't win this contest, I'll be incomplete in our thesis. Oh well, stop being so sly Miss M. I just told her that I'm going to give everything and will try my very best to be one of the first five . That's being so sob I guess. I mean, why do I have to take conspicuously every single word Miss M. is saying? It was just a joke perhaps, she'll never gonna do that. So then, I read, read and read. This time, I learned to love reading literature. I learned to scrutinize the whole gamut of every single story. Just kidding! Somehow, I really gained a lot regardless of my languidness.

Stated in the guidelines of the competition, I do need to wake up as early as 5 so I can prepare everything and arrive at school before 8 in the morning . I'm in line 9, by draw lots.

This is the only photo I got this day. Hilltop, I don't have any idea if it is a street or something. All I know is it is the path I'm walking through to reach our college. Too many chasing cars here and there. The effect is called light leak.

Then it's almost 6 when I decided to go home. At this time, birds are roaming all around the street called Padre Burgos. Embarrassingly, one pooped on me, hot and wet, on my precious forehead. Good thing I got an alcohol to clean the mess up. That's why I don't want to walk through that street every sundown. This is the first time it happened to me, and this will be the last (vague). I'll take my umbrella next time .

PS. Here are the buttons Elilea requested yesterday. Hope you'll like these.

PS. For those who were tagged in the I caught the Blog Bug, please do tag me. I'd love to share why I love blogging too. :D

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  1. OMG!!! Super thank you!!! ♥ WIll choose one for my blog. Thanks again Lmyx! :)


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