Let's face reality.

This will be a personal post, written in my blog but not all are allowed to read it. Simple. this is a private personal post. XD I will just rant about something.

So the story goes like this.


  1. Very confidential eh? Hehe. Coolness. I didn't know you could post private posts and have it with password. :3

    My weekend is good. Same old. But still good. ^^ You?

  2. I'm sorry, my font size is really small.

    You can zoom the whole page by pressing ctrl + '+' at the same time. :3

  3. I'm so stupid. I deleted your comment. -3- Huwaaaa. I feel like crying. -3- lol. I'm super happy pa naman pag may nagcocomment sa blog ko. <//3

    Aww. I see. Well, matagal na kaming classmates nung crush ko. Last sem ko lang sya naging crush then ngayon lang kami nakapagusap. Hehe!

    Kaya nga. Nung HS, aigoo, super puno ng crush things. :3

    Okay okay. I'll come to you if I wanna use the password thingy. Thank you. xoxo ♥


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