Chefel Flip and Cook Pressure Pan

Another package arrived yesterday. It was the pans we ordered online at OkayOkay. It took a month before they sent the product since personnel from the site told us that the actual pans are coming all the way from Korea. There were several conversations happened before we got what we ordered.

We already have one pan at home and it costs about Php8,000 (Chefel pans are better than Teflon pans). Mom got surprised when she saw the deal at Okay costing Php1,500 each instead of Php5,000. That was really a great deal, and that made Mom order 3 pieces of that pan.

Why we love Chefel

The actual photo of the Chefel Pan

We are really disappointed because what we had are not the product pictured in the site. There were no engraved original sign in the handle, even the Chefel word itself. Below are the photos of our old pan, and I guess, that's original, no regrets.

LEFT: Original Chefel; glossy, grilling pan is narrower than the other clam,
weighing 2 kilos, rubber can't be seen from the outside
RIGHT: Clams are with same width, weighing only 1.5 kilo, rubber is obviously seen,
no indication that it is original.

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