My Old Friend Plus Happy Leaf's Oreo Milk Tea Slush

Posted on September 7, 2012, 8:50pm

Cookies and cream is my favorite flavor when it comes to ice cream, shakes, cream rolls, and now, even milk tea. Thanks a lot to Mean who dropped here in Batangas and paid for a pair of Orea Milk Tea slush for us both. This girl is one of my best buddy when I was in first and second year college. We had a very close relationship before, OMG, here goes a flashback. HR1 is the best section in my bacth (2008) so far. Not like any other sections who quarell and fight against each other just like kids who were nagging and fighting over a piece of candy which already fell into the ground. It is an exaggerated description maybe. But it is what I think about them. Perhaps this batch is smarter than ours, but the relationship we had before, it's indescribable. Okay, off to this nonsense rewind. Mean and I had a lot of conversation about our lives and ofcourse, chikkas about others too. Mwahahaha. Mawawala ba naman yun?

She never changed after almost a year or two, she's still humble but grew prettier. I do envy her for having her braces. I can still remember the time my parents promised me I'll have braces (that was 3 years ago). Still, nothing happens. If I'll rant about the whole thing, it will definitely take forever.

Mean is currently managing her own store, still she has plans of working in Manila or abroad. She has a bag full of dreams. Not like the old Mean I used to know before. Being a member of a dance crew needs a lot of time, sacrifice and self discipline. This girl totally rocks. Aside from dancing, she has also a wonderful voice. Why didn't I got any of those talents! Lame!

A shot outside our house yesterday. What I see whenever I drink Milk Tea :) (FOREST? LOL)

Before I forgot the milk tea we had, oreo cookies blend perfectly with the milk tea. This is my favorite so far. :) Four thumbs up! :)

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