SM Solemate's Ballet Flats

Posted on September 8, 2012,10:13pm

It is my first time to use Sodexo gift checks in my whole life.

Mom got Php1000 from SM Batangas and gave me half of it for 2 pairs of shoes. I've been using Solemate since then and what it gives me is a comfy feeling cause it is made of high quality fabric material.

I have here a black pair which I can wear and will suit to any color of the dress I'm planning to put on.

And the second on is a blue floral flats. I am a blue stuffs buff and I guess this one is not so girly so I go for it. The shoes' soles are engraved with cute hearts and flowers which I adore the most. :) There's a lot of ballet flats available at SM Department store. I'll grab some again sometime, if ever I'll have the other half of that Sodexo checks. :)

By the way, I got this pair of pair shoes for only Php399. :)


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