Annual President's Cup (Quick Post)

This day finished so fast . I just got 5 hours of sleep cause I studied my written outputs last night. Everything is really exhausting.

Me, before the competition.

So here's my day in bullets:
  • Woke up by 5am
  • Ate, took a bath, dressed up
  • Arrived at UB by past 7am
  • Attended the competition proper by quarter to 8
  • Finished the competition by 12
  • Ate my cold-as-ice lunch
  • Talked to Miss M.
  • Met my groupmates in thesis
  • Had my afternoon recess
  • Had a lot of convo with my groupmates
  • Bought soap and conditioner at the mall
  • Got home by 4
I did all of that all alone. See how loner I was in school ()? LOL.

I tried one vintage effect in Photoshop, hey that's manually. And this is what I came up. Before and After. I'll try to use different image next time so you'll see the difference between the two, then I'll show/teach you how to do it with PS CS3. :)


I'm currently having my free text from Smart. (My load just expired, still, I can send messages. Haha!)

Grabe kanina nung nanood kami ng movie, and title niya is "The King's Speech", it's great somehow. Kahit na medyo malabo yung audio sa pwesto ko, heller! Asa pinakalikod ako at hindi ko talaga maintindihan yung mga lines ng characters, British accent pa naman sila. Pero okay naman ang video kasi naka-LCD monitor kami. Pero pagdating ng disc 2, hindi na gumana yung player na nakakabit sa monitor (dun nga pala kami sa HS Library AVR, nasa loob siya ng Library, yung competition naman sa loob ng library ay Fliptop, so sobrang ingay na halos wala na talaga akong naintindihan sa pinanood ko.), so no choice kundi ang ilipat yung Cd sa DVD player at sa 16" TV iplay. OMG, hindi ko talaga alam kung anong nangyare bakit palpak silang lahat. Nakakadisappoint talaga kasi nasa likod na nga ako, wala na din akong marinig dahil sa sigawan sa Fliptop ng ibang students sa labas ng AVR (sa loob ng library) tapos wala pa din akong makita. Ano ba naman yan? Natamad tuloy ako pagdating sa pagrereview. Pero siyempre, inindicate ko dun na sana next time magkaroon ng glitch, dapat may reserba sila ng kung ano, CD man yun, player o LCD projector, yaman yaman ng school ko tapos ganon. Tsk. Nakakabadtrip talaga.


  1. How I wish I can also manipulate photos in photoshop. Though am not really into too much photo manipulation. I'm just curious how my photos would look like when processed in photoshop.

    Magandang araw. Blog hopping lang ;)

  2. Hail to photo editors! Lol.

    Palagay ko ikaw gumawa nitong theme ng blog. Tama ba?

    Tnx sa pagpalow. Palow na din kita. XD

  3. @Nortehanon, hihi, there's a lot of tutorial in the net, better try them :D

  4. Pretty selcas! :D

    I use PS3 too but I always use actions downloaded from the internet rather than doing filters manually. hehe!

    Yea. Oh well, I still think about my lost phone but I am not that depressed about it anymore. I feel sorry more about the snatcher.

  5. yeah.. a big & happening family, but some are just fake, usually girls, joined us. huhu.. that annoyed me the most. some of them are even my own best friend. not that bestie though. =_='

    and wow, that vintage looks, but ur laptop is cute~~~ so cute. i love the loves :D hee... i also use ps3 to manipulate my photos on my blog here. :D i was once a amateur poster & banner designer, magazine editor for my college and my faculty. hee... now i'm retired. but playing with photos & ps3 is fun!

  6. I hate waking up so early :/ kahit na konte lang yung tulog ko. I don't wake up as early as that o.O hahah. My head is always heavy waking up early xD hihi.



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