Awesome Finds at Tita's Garage Sale

Posted on September 5, 2012, 11:01pm

One of our family friend decided to live abroad for good together with their daughters. To earn more so they'll have enough cash, they decided to sell some of their things. I can say that we're the last one to know cause there were only few items left. Mom took 3 Salad Master cookwares, an oven, 3 folding stools, sushi set, 4 milk/sugar/coffee canister, a pair of plastic bowl, matte spaghetti server, spoon and fork caddy, tupperwares, and some towels and linens. You can say that Mom really loves to cook base on the items included in the list. Tatay didn't say any single word. Cooking is my Mom's first love, I guess, just like other Mom's out there.

Mixing bowls with freebies. :)

My favorite sushi set.

Milk and sugar canister.

I'm excited about the oven to be delivered next week. I found this cool versatile rainbow cupcakes from Ate Karla of Make Art by Karla. Mom always dream of baking pastries and cakes, she'll be selling some after her retirement from being a school teacher.

Image from Ate Karla


  1. Thanks for sharing my cupcake! :) hope your mom can start baking soon! It's very addicting :)

  2. Will definitely stay tuned for more of your recipes :D


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