Let’s Move & Let’s Love

I can't buy the things I want. I can't eat the foods I'm craving. I can't have the lust I want for my self. But despite of the fact that I can't have every single stuffs I want, I can proudly say that I have a treasure which nothing can compared to. My family is the best thing I've ever had. To lose one of them means the end of the world to me. I am happy with the simple life we have today.

And to thank my parents for giving us a happy life, I wanna show my love for them by studying very hard so I can finish college, in just few months, I want my Tatay to march with me on my Graduation Day. They deserve my hardworks and perseverance.

I can't give them my diploma of my achievement yet, so for now, I'm trying my best to be a good daughter to them. Everytime I went out with my classmates, there's no chances I've forgot to give them pasalubong, somehow, a simple merienda can ease the tiredness of their daily routine at work.

There were countless ways on how we can show love to our parents. It doesn't require to spend too much just to show your love and caress. Its just a simple things you know they'll surely appreciate, cause it comes from you wholeheartedly, a letter, a flower, or even a simple prayer.



  1. family's the best group we can never leave and will never leave us no matter what happen

    just me,

  2. You guys look like you had a lot of fun. Newest follower.



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