Fast Food Goodness

Photography is my first love. But when we talk about foods, I almost forgot I've been committed to photographs. Whut? LOL! Every once in a while, we eat. We munch when we're hungry, we eat when we're in despair, we eat to forget, we eat to feel comfort, we eat because we simply love eating.

Here's a list Top 5 of my favorite student's meal. I haven't included my guilty pleasures here, will definitely blog it some other time.

Number 5&4 - Pizza and Pasta

Fave pizza parlors; Greenwich, Calda, Yellow Cab.

Both were from Greenwich. (Almost)Any flavor of pizza except those with prawns is my favorite. Some told me pasta from Jollibee is much taster than any other fast food chains. They have a Filipino style blend of spaghetti sauce. But I guess Jollibee and Greenwich have the same blend when it comes to pasta, they're sister company though, even Mang Inasal.

Pasta is best with a crunchy garlic stick or two. Fave!

Number 3&2 - Special Halohalo with 2 scoops of Ube Icecream and Special Chinese Sausage Chow Pao

I'm a certified ice cream lover! That's why I grab 2 scoops everytime I try Halohalo. Ube ice cream is the perfect accompaniment of this cold dessert, but it is Macapuno ice cream for me.

Number 1. Milk Tea

Been addicted now to milk teas. Sadly, I have to visit SM Batangas just to have a sip of my favorite product. Still, I'm happy I have 2 choices of stores where I can enjoy milk teas.

These are Honey Dew Milk and Okinawa Milk Tea. Super duper love Okinawa, it's like I'm floating in heaven with tapioca pearls on my head, very refreshing. And about Honey Dew, ahhhmmm. :) That will be the first and last for that one. :P It's for you to find out.


  1. Hahaha. life is food that's what I think when i'm so hungry :)) like fcuk diet! ;p

    Love those foods you've post.. arrgh i'm not eating my lunch yet I saw these pictures hahaha...

  2. OMG. Yummy foods!!! *craves*

    It's odd that I'm not seeing you on my news feeds though.

  3. your blog is very good and interesting. follow? im glad if you visit m blog, too <3 keep in touch!



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