Library Vandalism #1

I've been at our school library (college department) for almost 4 hours. As a leader of our group, I must write a script emphasizing a certain story of an ordinary life. Then I thought of the movie The Mistress so I made a story about a pretty well family ruined by a mistress, but not like how the movie flows, I don't wanna plagiarize like Sotto. (haven't watched the film yet, and no, I will never watch a movie like that, I'd rather watch This Guy's Inlove with You Mare)

Back to what I'm talking about, when I'm sitting in a cubicle in our Library, I saw this right in front of me. "Inlove ata ako sa friend ko (I guess I'm inlove with my friend)...shit!!! Anlaki ng problema ko dahil guy din siya! (But he's also a guy) Help please!" Haha. This is what I'm telling you lately, about the movie This Guy's Inlove with You Mare. And about the heart biscuit, nothing important actually. Haha! It's from the seminar my Mom attended this morning. They're related though. More vandals soon. :P I'll stalk at the library more often. Tulugan ko lang yun dati, ang sarap kasi, tahimik. hahaha!


My bestfriend bought me 2 pens, a techpen and a ballpen. Thanks a lot Bestie. I badly need pens for my homeworks.

(Saw my grade in HUM101, I only got 1.75) Mom told me I should have study harder.


  1. Hahaha! The vandalism at comfort rooms are pretty entertaining too. Parang showbiz central.

  2. but i'm not active anymore... :( ah we took eastern & western food, so yeah, got some laboratory, we learn the basic to prepare western food. lol though it is eastern & western, through out the semester, we only learn the basic of western food preparation. haha..

    btw. that cookies looks cute. and good luck in ur script writing.

  3. Seriously, I find the vandal quote so cute! <33

    Thank you and don't worry, I am feeling much better now. After venting, I felt a lot better. :3 Thank you for your kindness! <3


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