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I've been mesmerized by the things happening around me. Just like the old times when I can't decide on what course should I take in college. I found my self spending my time walking along the side of the road called Padre Burgos with my phone on my left hand and some thoughts I'm dating with on my other system. Something bothers me for the last 9 hours, yes, after having my descision if I'll go for one or another though I picked Brochure making than Film Review. If I have already picked one, so why there's something bothering me after all?

It's not my thing, I know, even I'm a journalist before, when I'm in high school. But I'm screwed up right now. Just like one of my favorite scene in the movie "My Tutor Friend" when the teacher blown out of his tutors jacket after a too-close-kiss she dream of. Hey! This isn't connected to any of my rants here. Why someone's wrecking my emotional break down? (It's just me, talking to me, don't misunderstood.)

After reading some of Rhea's review, can't understand some vocabulary she used, still,
her works made me realize I can do better if I choose Film Review. Like Inay Mila said a week ago, doesn't I trust myself for such things, I can't even imagine she trusts me, and aiming to bring home the bacon. OMG! I just swallowed some of the bubbles of my toothpaste! I'm poisoned! LOL.

Done talking to Ms. Liezel this morning, one of the faculty members of our department, assigned to talk to those who joined the competition next week. I gave her my e-mail address, expecting her to send me a subject and some photos, so I can practice myself making a brochure. Then tonight, I checked my mail, breathed so deeply, twitched my eyes several times, then had a peace of mind after knowing I don't get any emails at my account. Haha! Then I thought, what's wrong with me. I shouldn't have said yes to them at first. My busy schedule with our Feasibility Study consumes all of my time, which some are allotted for eating. Sad to say, there were so many rejected articles on Chapter 1, I hope there's nothing more than that on the next chapters, we're already done with Chapters 2 and 3.

And please don't interrupt me with political news about the trending Marshal Law every now and then, its non of my business here. Hey, just heard the news a while ago. They're trying to say that Philippines is better with that dictatorial government. Well, in my side, actually, hhhmmm, give me time to think please. A day or two. Alright? :) (will definitely not answer that, haha, you wish!)

Now, where am I? I'll be using MS Publisher 2007, which is not new to me. I published some papers using that application when I was a copy editor, way back 19forgotten. But this time, I prefer using Photoshop CS3 rather than inserting text-boxes and images manually. Our new CPU doesn't have this Publisher as well, it only got MS Word, Excel and Powerpoint. So, what will I do now?

I wasn't good enough. And yet, I'm still left in the constellation of my agony. :/

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